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You are invited to attend our regular meetings on every Wednesday at 7 PM. In this group we practice together the ancient Yoga known as Adhyatma or Suddha Raja Yoga taught by the Divine Masters of the Divine Hierarchy, since time immemorial.

During our meetings we practice Mantras, pranayamas, and meditation. All this is included in ceremonies that are performed every Wednesday. After the ceremony there is a short study of the literature and teachings of Suddha Dharma. The participants are invited to ask questions

Our meetings are free of Charge, as this group is offered as a service to the Masters of the Divine Hierarcht.
, as this a teaching that belongs to humanity as a whole

if you are interested to participate in our studies and practices, and to know more about Suddha Dharma Mandalam phylosoly and its system of practices or to know more about Ayurveda and the courses that we offer in Montreal, please write to or phone Domingos Oliveira (Suddha Dharma Emissary in Cananda) at 514 691-3443 (cell phone)

The group's objective is to study the basic principles, objectives, system of practices, meditation, pranayamas, Mantras etc. of an ancient system of Yoga, practiced in India for thousands of years known as Yoga Brahma Vidya or Adhyatma Yoga. The group has no commercial objective and its only aim is to aggregate people that are interested to follow a spiritual path based on the ancient teaching known as Sanatana Dharma, taught by the ancient Yogis and seers of India.

A Major authority of Suddha Dharma is invited to visit Canada when the course and study group reach a solid understanding of Suddha Dharma objectives, concepts and system of practices, to introduce deeper concepts and to consecrate the ones that may be interested in these sacred teachings.

The study and participation in ancient ceremonies such as Full moon, Yoga Sandhya, Sri Yoga Devi, Sri Bhagavan Mitra Deva etc., prepares the student to be consecrated in this organization if she/he desires to follow this ancient system of evolution.

The activities related to Ayurveda are separated from Suddha Dharma teachings and practices.

Our aim is to help people to achieve better health through prevention that is achived through right living and right eating (according to one's constituion or dosha), and to deal with condition already stablished thorugh the uses of herbs, massage therapy, Marma therapy (massage on energy points) and Shirodhara among others, aiming to restore balance and health.

If you are interest to book a consultation or to participate in a massage therapy section (called Abhyanga; the most popular form of Ayurvedic massage. However, the type of massage is determined by the person's constituition or dosha) or to experiment the very popular Shirodhara (a constant oil flow in the forehead, that calms the mind and relax deeply, among other benefits), please contact Mr. Domingos Oliveira (Ayurveda therapist and practicioner; director of the world movement for Yoga and Ayurveda in Canada) to book an appointment

For more information please write to Domingos Oliveira, Suddha Dharma Mandalam's Emissary at:

or call 438-877-3443